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 The Tempe Rugby Club represents the best athletes, coaching, professionalism, and hard nose play that championship amateur rugby has to offer. Rich in diversity and talent, the Old Devils are well known throughout North America as a competitive and tenacious team, with a long history of success.  

Club members hail from all over the world including, but not limited to Ireland, England, Samoa, Tonga, Columbia, South Africa, Argentina, Poland, Mexico, and the United States of America to name a few. Professional diversity is also prevalent with blue collar and white collar club members working in the fields of education (primary, secondary, and higher edu), law, medicine, construction, technology, and the Military. The club is also diverse in terms of its age demographic. While the average age of the club is approximately 28-33, membership consists of players in their late teens through their mid-50s.

This broad level of diversity has created a strong culture of trust, support, and respect amongst each of the members of the Tempe Rugby Club and their supporters, both on and off the field.

As a two-time national championship runner up, a National Championship continues to be our number one goal each year!

The Tempe Rugby Club coaching staff is led by Head Coach Junior Faaso'o and the current USA High School All American coach, Salty Thompson. Each brings over 20-30 years of rugby playing and coaching experience to our organization. The club culture consists of a competitive attitude/focus, structure and organization, cultural diversity, social events and most importantly a Winning Tradition.

If you or any of your friends reside in Phoenix or are thinking about coming to the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area and are interested in playing rugby for an established and accomplished team, please feel free to contact us. For additional club information, please call the club hotline at 602-593-9389 or visit the team website for additional contacts and new player information at www.temperugby.com.

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Tempe Mens are playing DII National Final in Wisconsin on May 31st. Your donation or any other support will be much appreciated to bring home the 2014 National Championship.
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