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 Tempe Rugby Football Club
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  The Tempe Rugby Club represents the best athletes, coaching, professionalism, and hard nose play that championship amateur rugby has to offer.  Rich in diversity and talent, the Old Devils are well known throughout North America as a competitive and tenacious team, with a long history of success.
Club members hail from all over the world including, but not limited to Ireland, England, Samoa, Tonga, Columbia, South Africa, Argentina, Poland, Mexico, and the United States of America to name a few.  Professional diversity is also prevalent with blue collar and white collar club members working in the fields of education (primary, secondary, and higher edu), law, medicine, construction, technology, and the Military.  The club is also diverse in terms of its age demographic.  While the average age of the club is approximately 28-33, membership consists of players in their late teens through their mid-50s.    
This broad level of diversity has created a strong culture of trust, support, and respect amongst each of the members of the Tempe Rugby Club and their supporters, both on and off the field. 


Players of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels are welcome.  Tempe player policy does not allow cutting anyone who has the inclination and courage to play with us.  Our team routinely fields two teams….an A-side and a B-side, which is akin to Varsity and Junior Varsity in rugby lingo.  On occasion, we have the numbers for a C-side as well.  Regardless, all players who are committed to the club will get playing time.  The A-, B-, and C-sides allow for a variation of competitive levels, which is generally determined, by skill level (talent), experience, age, and other individual factors.


FALL (SEPT-DEC) ~ this potion of the competitive year consists of various 10s and 15s tournaments, as well as friendly matches with other like-minded competitive clubs. The Tempe Rugby Club makes the Flagstaff 10s, Albuquerque High Desert Classic, and the Scottsdale Wild West Rugby Fest tournaments regular fixtures each fall season.  Each fall, the Annual Tempe Rugby Club Golf Shoot-Out is hosted by Tempe Alumni…the golf and the social energy never disappoint.  The first Saturday of every November and the mandatory Tempe Rugby Club 15s Camp, marks the official beginning of fifteen’s training and sets the tempo for preparation for the Spring Season and a run at a National Championship.  The Tempe Rugby Club 15s Camp is generally followed by a club social event.

SPRING (JAN-JUN) ~ this portion of the competitive year begins the Arizona Rugby Union (ARU) regular 15s season game schedule in early January and generally concludes in early April.  Subsequently, the Pacific Coast and USA Rugby play-offs follow during the months of May and June.  Tempe RFC members can count on being busy during these play-off months, as the Tempe Rugby Club routinely qualifies in their quest for a National Championship.  Another permanent fixture to the Spring 15s season is the Annual Alumni Day, in which Alumni are acknowledged for their commitment to the club and thanked for establishing/continuing a culture of competitiveness and a tradition of winning.  The first week of April marks the Summer Annual General Meeting (AGM) and preparation for the Tempe Summer Sevens Program (TSSP).   Key agenda items for this session include, but is not limited to ratification of the TSSP schedule, participation fees, and a number of other important club issues.

SUMMER (MAY-AUG) ~ this portion of the competitive year brings the sevens season and the Tempe Summer Sevens Program (TSSP).  The TSSP has something to offer for everyone.  For those who are serious about their sevens, the TSSP provides a highly structured and competitive training program for those interested in improving their skills and fitness, making one of our three teams for tournament play, and winning a National Championship.  For those players who hold a more casual attitude about their summer and sevens, ‘Old Guy Touch’ is available for those who simply wish to get out and get a fun run in a couple times a week.  Either way, high school, college, and senior players from clubs all over the country and join the TSSP as an opportunity to train and compete all summer long.  Experienced and novice players alike will train under the watchful eye of the Tempe coaching staff and senior players for an opportunity to improve their skills, increase their experience, and maintain their fitness prior to returning to their respective clubs around the country.  The first week of August marks the Fall Annual General Meeting (AGM) and preparation for the upcoming fall and spring 15s season.  Key agenda items for this session this includes ratification of the Fall/Spring schedules, ratification of the new budget and dues structure, election of new Executive Board members, Executive Managers, and Committee Members, and a number of other important club issues.


Practices routinely run every Tuesday and Thursdays from 6p – 8p and games are generally played on Saturdays (…and Sundays for most tournaments).  During the competitive seasons, training sessions are structured and organized with the sole purpose of developing individual skills, improving fitness, working on overall team strategy, and enjoying the sport we all love to play.    Practice and game times and locations may vary, so it’s always best to check the club web site (Temperugby.com), Hotline (602.593.9389), or contact a club member in advance for details.    


Due to the nature of our amateur club status, the club expenses are supplemented through annual membership dues, sponsorship, and various charitable fund-raising activities. Funds collected through these channels are used to pay various club expenses including, but not limited to US Rugby, PCRFU, ARFU membership dues, practice/game field reservations, equipment, web site/hotline fees, etc., etc.  A schedule of membership fees, of which each member is responsible for paying each year, is listed below.

  • Full Membership Dues 21 Years and Older (1 year) - $200.00
  • Full Membership Dues 20 Years and Younger (1 Year) - $100.00
  • Social Member (1 Year) - $100.00
  • Tempe Summer Sevens Program (Non-Tempe CIPP’ed Players) - $25.00
  • Match Tax (Home Game Team Hosts Opponent) - $5-$10/game
  • Additional expenses are necessary for playoff and tournament participation
  • These expenses (or a portion of) are the responsibility of club membership
  • Expenses may vary depending on location, club budget, etc.
  • Expenses may include airfare, hotel, and ground transportation


The Tempe Rugby Club wears all black. Team game Jerseys are supplied for each game, however, members must supply their own black rugby shorts and rugby socks for all practices and games.  In addition, each member should have a good pair of rugby/soccer cleats (aka-boots) as well.  The molded boots are recommended for hard dry surfaces like you will find in most areas of Arizona.  The screw-ins are preferred for wet, soft surfaces, on which we occasionally get to play.  Please note that some American football boots are illegal in rugby…please consult a club officer for details.  Mouth guards and headgear are also highly recommended.


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